12 Tips For A Greener Lifestyle

1. Alternatives for plastic bags & food storage:

  • organic cotton shopping bags / reusable shopping bags
  • stainless steel, glass or wooden food containers
  • glass jars (to store nuts, grains, pasta,..)
  • reusable snack & sandwich bags (instead of tinfoil/plastic foil) from Boobalou
  • reusable plant based food wraps (instead of tinfoil/plastic foil and a vegan alternative for beeswax food wraps) from BoobalouBiome Eco Stores or OpalStorm on Etsy

2. Buying fruit & veggies:

  • local farm shop/wholesale market (no packaging)
  • organic
  • buy in bulk
  • buy local
  • without packaging

3. Beauty products & cleaning products:

  • soaps/shampoo without packaging, buy soap bars instead of plastic bottles from for example Lush, Faith In Nature,…
  • make your own cleaning products with organic white vinegar (=all purpose cleaner) and/or bicarbonate of soda
  • sponge: compostable & reusable wooden dish brush (plastic free), I use a natural scouring pad made from 100% coconut fiber from Boobalou to replace a traditional sponge.
  • make your own toothpaste using organic coconut oil, bicarbonate of soda and a few drops of peppermint oil
  • shaving: use a safety razor instead of disposable razors, I got mine from Mutiny Shaving and bought their Mutiny Box
  • toothbrushes: bamboo toothbrushes are compostable & sustainable, I bought mine from Boobalou
  • makeup remover: organic coconut oil & reusable cotton pads (from Boobalou) OR organic biodegradable cotton pads
  • Laundry: use soap nuts instead of laundry powder or laundry liquid, it comes in a reusable bag and the soap nuts are compostable, I bought mine in a local health shop, but you can easily order them online OR use laundry powder that comes in a paper bag

4. Toilet paper, kitchen roll, tissues, menstrual pads, kitchen towels:

  • use 100% recycled, unbleached, biodegradable and/or organic washable materials
  • buy toilet paper, kitchen roll and tissues in paper packaging or compostable packaging, I order from Who Gives A Crap, they sell 100% recycled and bamboo toilet paper, kitchen roll and tissues in paper packaging
  • mentrual pads: organic washable/reusable cotton pads, biodegradable pads or use a menstrual cup. I use a lunette cup I  bought from amazon, a cup is the most eco friendly option. If you don’t know what brand or size you should buy, go to putacupinit and fill in the quiz, they will give you a few options to choose from, I tried the quiz myself, they recommended me the lunette cup size 1 and it fits perfectly!
  • bamboo kitchen towels OR woven cotton cloths

5. Plastic water bottles:

  • buy water in glass bottles
  • use distilled water in reusable bottles: stainless steel or glass

6. Wrapping paper on birthdays and holidays:

  • reuse newspaper instead of wrapping paper
  • use fabric to wrap your presents and reuse it
  • biodegradable twine
  • recycable paper packaging tape from Boobalou

7. Individually portioned coffee & tea + disposable coffee filters:

  • french press
  • put your coffee in reusable coffee filters
  • put your tea in reusable tea bags or stainless steel tea holders
  • buy loose coffee & tea
  • buy in bulk

8. Baking & cooking:

  • alternative for tinfoil or disposable baking mats: reusable non-stick baking mat from Boobalou

9. On the go food & drink:

  • alternative for disposable coffee cups and cutlery from coffee shops and take away meals: bring  your own reusable/washable coffee cup and ask the staff in the coffee shops to make your coffee/tea in your own cup, bring your own cutlery ideally made from bamboo or stainless steel
  • alternative for plastic water bottles: when you plan a day out, make sure to bring your own glass or stainless steel water bottle
  • alternative for plastic straws: bring your own stainless steel or biodegradable straw

10. When you have to buy a pre-packaged item: always choose recyclable/reusable packaging made of glass, metal, or paper over lower-grade plastic packaging. (when you have to order something online, ask if they can send it to you in cardboard/paper packaging without plastic)

11. Put a sticker on your mailbox that you don’t want to receive junk mail/free publications.

12. To reduce your waste use a compost bin and recycle as much as you can!

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