Yuki the Shiba Inu

Memories 2015:

Yuki loves eating snacks, I always call him Chubby Shiba!


Memories 2014:

Yuki is getting a puppy!

The first 3 days Yuki wasn’t very happy with the new pup, but how can you not love this adorable girl named Yuna? They’re inseparable now & Yuki will always protect his girl.

Best poser ever at the Shikoku introduction day in Holland.


I’m wondering what he thinks.. Maybe I don’t want to know?


Memories 2013

The most sleepy & lazy dog in the world.


Yuki absolutely loves running off leash!

Cross country skiing.

Memories 2012

Visiting Yuki’s family, he played with the most adorable pups ever & he met this beautiful girl!

First swimming lesson, very scary in the beginning but after day 1 he loved it! He loves swimming & even brings his ball or a stick back.

His friends he grew up with, Prince the German Pointer & Pinky the Mini Pinscher.


Yuki is a very clever dog, he knows more than 10 different trics & he loves learning new ones! In this picture you see him roll over, after every tric he gets a treat of course.




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