YuYu’s Adventures

“YuYu” is a shorter name I use when I talk about my 2 dogs: Yuna & Yuki.

On this page I will keep you updated about the adventures & exploring they do together.


Yuki showing off his new “camping adventure” collar and adjustable leash from Doggowear!  High quality and handmade, I really recommend to go and take a look at their webshop: www.doggowear.com


The 5th of May, we went on a little holiday and visited Kendal, The Lake District and The Forest Of Bowland. We visited the forest on our last day and was our favorite day out of the 3 days we had. It was a breathtaking, beautiful and peaceful place, we will definitely go back!



Sefton Park & Festival Gardens in liverpool

YuYu’s funny sleeping poses

Yuki posing wearing a crystal (citrine)


Festival Gardens in Liverpool

Grenspark De Zoom in Holland

Loonse & Drunense Dunes in Holland


Me & Yuna making silly faces


Grenspark De Zoom in Holland, I remember it was 30°c so I let the YuYu’s cool down & take a mud bath which they really enjoyed

Island Texel in Holland, the most relaxing & beautiful place I’ve ever visited in my life!

Cross country skiing in the Ardennes in Belgium with Kaito (Yuna’s brother)

Sleepy dogs keeping me warm in winter


Grenspark De Zoom in Holland

We went for a walk with 4 Shiba Inu’s & during the walk we met the most beautiful & balanced dog I ever saw, even the YuYu’s were impressed! (see bottom pic)

Memories 2014

Shikoku introduction day

Yuna likes to get in “trouble”, but she was really impressed by the big wolfdog!

She also got chased by 2 tiny Shiba Inu’s haha.

The YuYu’s teasing Pinky

funny dogs 28-10-14.JPG

Visiting Kasatori Sou, Yuna’s family with my sister

The bottom picture:

Me with daddy Shousei, my sister with Yuki & mommy Sumi, Nico with Yuna

Memories 2013

Trip to the Belgian coast & Yuna’s first meeting with the sea & a bath!

Meeting Yuna’s little brother Kaito, they were very happy to see each other again!

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