Plastic Free Toilet & Kitchen Paper

In almost every supermarket you will find toilet and kitchen paper in single use plastic packaging, which is very bad for the environment. Single use plastic isn’t recycable and will stay on the planet for hundreds of years! At this moment the planet is suffocating in all the plastic we create, so let’s make a change and buy these products in paper/cardboard packaging (plastic free).

If you can find toilet and kitchen paper in paper packaging in your supermarket or local store, consider yourself very lucky! I couldn’t find it anywhere so I had to look for a store online and found the company Who Gives A Crap!

I buy toilet paper, kitchen paper and tissues from this company in bulk. The products are wrapped in paper packaging (the tissues come in a cardboard box) and get delivered in a cardboard box. I’m based in the United Kingdom, but they deliver to other countries too. If you take a look at their shipping information and scroll down to the shipping table, you can find all the countries they cover.

Here are some picture of the products I bought:


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