Zero Waste Gift Wrapping

Wrapping gifts comes with a lot of plastic waste (wrapping paper and ribbons), you can only use it once and it ends up in landfill. An eco friendly/zero waste solution is to use recyclable, upcycled and compostable materials. If you want to make it even more eco friendly, you can reuse the materials if possible. Below I summed up a few alternatives for wrapping paper, plastic tape and ribbons.

Alternatives for wrapping paper:

  • fabric: cloth, sheet, towel, scarf, dish cloth,..
  • upcycled paper: newspaper, kraft paper, tissue paper,..

Alternatives for plastic tape/ribbons:

  • recyclable paper tape
  • natural/biodegradable cord: hemp, twine
  • upcycled cord and ribbons (reuse it)

If you want to give your present a finishing touch, you can use your favourite herb/plant/flower instead of a ribbon. I would go for lavender or rosemary, your present will smell and look amazing! 🙂

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