My Green Skin Care Routine

My skin care routine is very basic, I don’t wear make-up during the work week. In the weekends I might use some mascara, but that’s as far as I go with make-up. Below I will sum up the green homemade skin care products I use:

1)I use organic coconut oil to moisturise my skin. I use it instead of a face cream/moisturizer. You can use coconut oil for your entire body. Another option is jojoba oil, I don’t use this on my face because it takes longer for my skin to absorb it.

2)To treat acne/pimples I use tea tree oil. I apply 1 drop of tea tree oil on the affected area before I go to bed. The next day(s) the oil will dry out the acne/pimple and you will see it getting smaller and smaller. From the moment the affected area isn’t red/swollen anymore, I recommend going back to moisturizing the skin with coconut oil, to make sure the skin doesn’t get too dry.

3)To treat cold sores I also use tea tree oil. When I feel my lip tingling and I know a cold sore is coming I immediately apply 1 drop of tea tree oil. This will get rid of the cold sore even before it has the chance to break out.

4)To make your own face and body scrub, mix finely ground coffee with coconut oil and a few drops of your favourite essential oil (optional). You can use ground coffee that’s already been brewed if you like.

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